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Manufacturing method of protective film for plastic door and window profiles

The protective film is an important protective material for the surface of PVC plastic profiles, and it is also an indispensable packaging material in the transportation, production and installation of modern energy-saving doors and windows. Its popularization and application can protect the surface of PVC plastic doors and windows from scratches and stains, and remain as smooth as ever.
29 2021/06

Features and uses of single-layer PET protective film

The single-layer PET protective film is made of polyester film (PET) as the base material, polyethylene terephthalate as the raw material, made into thick sheets by extrusion, and then made by biaxial stretching; Coated with silica gel water on one side to form a single layer PET protective film.     1、此产品对于金属、塑料、玻璃等被贴物具有很好的粘贴强度,和良好的保持力;     2、粘性和厚度种类多,保护膜表面光滑平整;     3、耐热性、耐候性、耐酸性能良好;     4、适合圆刀模切、平刀模切的冲型垫材与排废;     5、也可作为高洁净光学材料辅助模切使用;     6、表面电阻107-109Ωcm,环保无毒无味;     7、产品表面无静电材料迁移现象;     8、1000级洁净环境下加工,洁净度极优;     9、透明度优良,可以在贴合保护材料的状态下进行光学膜的外观检查;     10、低粘性,贴附后粘着力经时变化小;     11、产品有单面防静电和双面防静电剥离带电压。     12、防静电效果优良,性能持久、稳定。     用途:广泛应用于各类材料模切后的排废。精密材料模切行业,医疗、卫生、包装等行业。
20 2021/05
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