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How to choose the most suitable surface protective film

How to choose the most suitable product surface protective film, here are some basic functional requirements:
29 2021/06

Optical performance evaluation technology of protective film

Polarizing films are usually used for the front and back layers of the LCD. Place one of the polarizing films in parallel on top of the other, and the brightness of the LCD screen will be the brightest; if one of the polarizing films is placed vertically on top of the other, the LCD screen will appear almost black. Therefore, it can be judged that the optical characteristics of LCD, such as brightness and contrast, are largely affected by the characteristics of the polarizing film.
29 2021/06

How to apply PE protective film to achieve the best effect?

Steps of how to perfectly stick the protective film on the surface of the product:1. Prepare a suitable large and flat work space-larger than the object to be protected-clean and free of dust, liquids or contaminants.
29 2021/06

What factors have an impact on the choice of electrostatic protective film

With the widespread use of laptop computers, the protective film has become longer and longer for users to work with the computer every day. Some symptoms caused by long-term use of the computer are also increasing:
20 2021/05

Car paint surface protective film material performance, is the car protective film useful?

It is made of high-tech texture polyurethane film, which is strong and tough. It can protect the paint surface of various parts of the car body from peeling and scratching, and prevent the paint surface from rusting and aging yellowing. At the same time, the car wash protective film also has the ability to resist rubble collision friction and resist ultraviolet radiation.
20 2021/05

How to choose a PE protective film substrate? You must know these

The substrate is the carrier of the colloid. Because it is not sticky, it needs to be uniformly coated with a layer of excellent performance adhesive on the surface, and then cross-linked in the high-temperature oven to form a viscous polymer material.
20 2021/05
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